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Pngfix on Internet Explorer 6 Limitations and Tips

[ad#inline-single]Dealing with PNG Alpha Transparency on IE 6 might be very annoying thing in the world. Fortunately, someone generous create a very usefull script that makes IE 6 bits friendly on PNG Alpha Transparency. Altough very helpfull, in many case, PNGFix didn’t solve all issues regarding PNG transparency. Below there are few cases that can […]

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Make Printable Page using CSS Print Properties

CSS has done it again, with a single file of CSS a complicated page layout turns to a simple, clear, and friendly for printing purposes, but sadly the properties are not fully supported by recent browsers. Some days ago, I created a print version page for a client, and I would share the experiences in […]

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Creating Progress Bar with CSS

How far did you go? How many space left to use? These questions can be answered by a single of graphic called "progress bar" or even "quota bar". Famous free email service such Yahoo!Mail or Gmail use this feature to warn their users how many quota left to use. You can build progress bar using […]

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Rounded Corner Input Form

I was involved in a project for re-design a web page that required to create a rounded form. After googling, i did not find any satisfying result, more of them offer a mozilla CSS technique and its only working on Firefox and Mozilla (Gecko) Browser, so I try to make a simple rounded corner input […]

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