Dewanti’s Dandelion Themes Released

Dewanti’s Dandelion is now available for download. Please read the readme.txt before use it on your blog.

Dewanti's Dandelion

Version 1.0.1 : Dewanti’s Dandelion Basic + Widgets Ready. Test Page

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Version 1.2 : Dewanti’s Dandelion modification requested by Fath from Malaysia. test page. Changes:

2 Column Widgets bar
2 Column Widgets looks more clean and tidy

Page Section
Pages section moved to the upper right, but it’s out of widgetized area

Version 1.2.1: Date Modification requested by bb.

Any comment / suggestion are welcome… Have Fun!!

Update: Added to

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  1. Great blog. I like layout!!!!

  2. simple but complex themes,
    AWESOME . . .
    Nice. . . .
    i dont know what kinf or words for descrip this themes.

    btw, Good Job n Nice Info
    thanks a lot

  3. Erick says: Reply

    Good Work
    good themes
    good layout

    thanks for this info

  4. edz says: Reply

    thanks a lot for this theme, im using it on some of my blogs, very calm and eyes smoothing color photos, keep up the good work and hope you could make more… more power!

  5. edz says: Reply

    hey nice work, do you think i could use it on my wordpress themes? thanks and keep up the work..

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  7. Wow this is very nice themes.. I will use this on my new purchase websites..

  8. Great themes – many thanks

  9. What a nice fresh theme.. good work. I can think of a client that I will definately suggest this for.

  10. Great work, very beautiful, thank you very much.

  11. I’ll Try in my Web Sir. . .
    thanks a lot. . .
    awesome theme . . . Cool
    Good work

    Gad bles yu, Pak Pupung !!!!

  12. heavenly design that represent the natures creative beauty. I All already downloaded ah simple theme

  13. interesteng and cozy theme.. very nice :)it seemed that a good blue sky color over there

  14. Yea, its a great Theme, but i have a Problem it is not running?

  15. Cool site, love the info.

  16. That’s a great looking design!

  17. I think the problem is because both the Google code and the Feeburner code start with

  18. pvc says: Reply

    very very nic template, good blue sky color over there and very very cool

  19. Thanks!

  20. Interesting layout on your blog. I really enjoyed reading it and also I will be back to read more in the future.

  21. Its a very creative them with its cool ffeatures.

  22. NinoS says: Reply

    Cant find the theme

  23. Keren layout nya!

  24. Love this theme… i using it for one of my blog…

  25. Great Themes . simple and elegan .. i like it

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