Fotofolio WordPress Theme – For your online portfolio

Fotofolio 1.0.2 Released

The Support and Release page moved to : WORDSPOP.COM

And finally, what i’ve said before about a wordpress theme for photographer either any visual works portfolio (graphic designer, drawer, architect, etc) is now released.


Demo and Showcase

Fotofolio Demo
Valdi Hidayat Photo Journey
Submit your site on the comment, to get listed here…


Download Fotofolio
Download PSD Logo


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Captivating design to display your works
  • Automatically resize image for Thumbnail and preview
  • Jquery Integrated for Featured Photos and Previews
  • Theme Options for easy configure
  • Editable homepage slideshow category and numbers Ver. 1.01
  • Editable homepage slideshow number Ver. 1.01

Next Relases Features

  • Editable Pictures Dimension
  • Full Size Preview
  • Blogging/News Feature
  • Comments Feature


Version 1.00 April 4th 2009: Initial Release
Version 1.01 April 14th 2009: Fotofolio option page enhancement; added editable homepage slideshow category and numbers, latest additions numbers.

About the Theme: Fotofolio

Fotofolio is a free wordpress template designed for easy creation online portfolio for Visual Workers; Photography, Graphic Design, Manga, Architect, etc. Fotofolio is very simple and easy to use, please read the instalation and usage for details. Fotofolio is created by Pupung Budi Purnama. Fotofolio is released under Creative Common Licence.


Any donation for this theme is highly appreciated, or a comment should be enough.


Basically, Fotofolio same with others theme you’ve used before.
1. Unzip the in your local computer.
2. Upload fotofolio folder into: wp-content/themes/ in your web server.
3. Chmod the scripts folder inside wp-content/themes/fotofolio into world writeable 777. For several webhosting services, chmod 777 is not allowed for security reason and if does, your picture will not shows up. Change it back to 755 the scripts/ folder.
3. Activate the theme within, select Appereance Menu > Theme and then select Fotofolio to activate.
4. You are ready to roll.



April 6, 2009: Small Changes on header.php, enabling title change in WordPress Setting Page, included in release file.


Fotofolio Options
Using fotofolio theme is simple and easy, before we go into uploading your works, first of all you need to write about your self in Fotofolio option page. After activating, a new submenu under appearance menu will comes up. Click on “Fotofolio Options”, fill all the form and click save changes.

Category Description
It would be nice if you fill “Description” section in every Category you create. The Description will be appear on category page.

Category Picture Number
Portfolio category photo display, can be changed through Settings > Reading > Blog pages show at most … change the number into how many photos will appear on portfolio category.

Inserting your work
This is a very fun part, click “add new” under Posts Menu. Fill the all forms as usual, such; title, post, category, and tags. To insert your work, just upload your image using “Upload / Insert > Add an image” button below the Title. You only need to upload one image per post. Just upload your image, it is not necesary to click on “insert to post” button. The theme will grab automatically after you upload an image and resize it.

Copyright Removal
For Copyright Removal, please donate for the author of this theme, with minimum of $29. Click the button below to donate and remove copyright / signature.

Instalation Support
If you have a problem installing this theme, post it on the comment here, I will reply it or anyone does. If you want me to install it on your web server, contact me, it takes couple of bucks as compensation of my time.

Having any Difficulties?

Post your problem on instalation or any difficulties, ot if you have any idea for the next release? Just post it…

127 Comment

  1. Hilary says:

    I would *love* to use this design for my wordpress portfolio, but since I am using everything from wordpress, it won’t allow me… is there a way to get a CSS version of this? :-\

  2. Lily says:

    After an hour i’ve managed to get it on my site successfully.
    I found that i had to disable some of my plugins so that the slideshow on the front page works.

  3. Okii says:

    Mas Pung, thanks banget udah dibagi sample template buat portonya y? sori blom bisa andil apa apaan.. hehe, sukses terus!

  4. Alessio says:

    Hi, thank you very much for this great theme. I got parse error in index.php on line 80. How can I fix it?
    Cheers from Italy

  5. martina says:

    Hello Pupung!

    EXCELLENT theme. Really i spent a lot of time searching for a theme that is as simple as yours and offers as much! THX :)

    But, I have a problem with putting images on. (For me it’s not that simple)

    Here’s what I did in order to fix it but nothing worked.
    – I have “featured” category
    – I did the options page
    – I tried putting photos locally, from Picasa and Flicker and none of them show in previews – only in “post”.
    – My server administrator says that we have GD
    – I changed chmod to 777 and to 755

    I don’t know what to do more and I would really like to use this theme. It would be really apprechiated if you could help me.

    Thank you!

  6. Wil says:

    Great template! I’d like te place it on my site but encouter some problems. The images on the main page won’t show. I checked the cmod-settings, they’re 777 so that’s right isn’t it? I’ve done a clean install on a new database without anything else (plugins) installed, so that can’t be the problem either. Does anyone have other suggestions?

  7. I have to agree with everyone who has written in. This site looks absolutely top notch professional. However, I seem to have an issue where I have a large margin on the left of the screen and all my images are pushing out to the right…seems bizarre. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a place to upload your own photo on the home page. But thank you. If I can get it going it will be great

  8. Alessio says:

    thank you so much for this great template.
    When I activate it I get parse error on line 80, how can I solve this problem?

    Cheers from Italy

  9. dawist says:

    Thanks a lot! This seems to be a really great theme. Very nice!

  10. caitlin says:

    i can’t seem to find where to change the fotofolio logo…is this allowed?

  11. ana says:

    I am getting the same error reported by jack and fabin Parse error: parse error in C:\wamp\www\fotofolio\wp-content\themes\fotofolio\index.php on line 80
    could you please post me the solution?

  12. PT says:

    I was hoping someone could tell me how I can move a logo into the bottom bar and have it move dynamically (like the gravatar image)? Any ideas?

  13. Casey says:

    What a lovely theme! The only problem I have is trying to add links in fotofolio settings. It’s like magic quotes are on, but only with text entered in these fields.

  14. Phutie says:

    Thanks very much!

    This is a great theme and I would love to use it on my website. I know this is meant to be a “portfolio” theme, but is it possible that you incorporate “User Comments” in which users can post comments on the photo on the next release?

  15. manzneri says:

    I simply love this theme! With little ‘tuning’ it would be the best for my needs now.

    I really would like to see the next version with lightbox (to see full-size photos) and to be able to insert vertical images also. Can you say when this kind of version will be released, or will ever?

    Or do you have any beta release that you would need a test person for…;)

  16. Phutie says:

    When will be the next release? I look forward to having the Comments Feature…

  17. thang says:

    hi there,
    fotofolio is such a great theme, i love it and already use it.
    but i got a lil’ problem: some of the uploaded photos don’t load. but they appear after reloading the page. very strange. chmod is already at 777. can someone help me? cos i would like to use the theme any more.
    thanks and greetings

  18. Sven says:

    Great work!

    When will the next release be released? I waiting for comments!

  19. Karl says:

    Love the plugin!

    I have one issue. The Homepage Slideshow select does not show any categories list so I am unable to select a category for the slideshow.

    Also I tried to use the ‘featured’ category with no success. Does the featured item need to be in an exclusive ‘featured’ category for it to work?

    Regardless, thanks for a great theme!

  20. Matthias says:

    Weird, I can’t choose/see a category in the fotofolio options page for the homepage slideshow. Even the thumbs are not displayed.
    I chmod my scripts folder with 777 and 755, but still no luck.
    Is there a issue with the new wp 2.8 I’m using?
    Thanks Matthias

  21. PupungBP says:

    @ALL: The next release still on progress. Yes there’s and issue with WordPress 2.8, suddenly get_categories function is not working, i’ll find a way to solve this.

  22. ephoto says:

    Excellent theme. As to the photographer it very much is useful to me. The size of photos is small. Whether well to increase the size of photos?

  23. Matthias says:

    Huuh, glad to hear, that there’s a issue with wp 2.8. I even thought I’m to stupid to install this theme ;-)

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